BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Mahomes is out for the Game With a Knee Injury. Not Good

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

For the “might as well give another Lombardi Trophy to the Patriots” crowd, you might have just gotten all the evidence you’ll ever need that your stance is going to be correct.


Ok, he eventually walked off the field albeit with help so maybe it’s just a precaution type of thing.

Now, I realize that Dr. Chao isn’t there, isn’t looking at the knee up close, but I at this point have no reason to doubt him. Hopefully, he’s had a few too many scotches this evening and is just shooting from the hip and Mahomes is just out for a week. But, I imagine we’ll find out tomorrow that it’s a significant injury that will require season-ending surgery.

Mahomes came into the game with an ankle injury so seeing him leave with an injury just takes the wind out of your sails if you’re a Chiefs fan. Even if you aren’t a Chiefs, chances are, you didn’t want to see the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. If this injury is the real deal, don’t just pencil in New England in the Super Bowl, do it with a permanent marker. No way the Ravens, Texans, Colts, Chargers or any other team in the AFC can hang with New England come January. The Chiefs were the only team that could stand toe-to-toe with them and that’s just the way it is.

Now the Chiefs turn to former Dolphin’s QB Matt Moore who is in because and even more former Dolphin’s QB, Chad Henne, is hurt. Based on how the Chiefs do business for their backup QBs, expect them to bring in Cleo Lemon, Brian Griese, and John Beck for workouts tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping that Doc Chao did, in fact, have too many Johnny Walkers.

By the Way- In case you were wondering what was the last thing Matt Moore did in the league…

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