BREAKING: Los Angeles Kings Draft Alex Turcotte With No. 5 Pick

Regarded as one of the best Centers in the 2019 Draft Class, Alex Turcotte is primed to impact the NHL in years to come.

credit to NHL.com

Alex Turcotte didn’t have to wait long before being selected in the annual NHL draft. Regarded as one of the top Centers within the Draft class, Turcotte was expected to be called within the top five picks.

While Turcotte has dealt with injuries throughout his life, he brings a speed aspect that the Kings would gladly add to their team. He’s primed to make a splash in the NHL with his physicality, despite playing with a smaller frame, and passing abilities.

The LA Kings have two Centers under contract the next several years, one being Anze Kopitar. Two others will see their contracts wrap up after next season and by then, Turcotte should be on the ice for the Kings. As mentioned above, he has issues staying healthy but when he can skate, he’s a true scorer.

While Turcotte may not be getting as much attention as roommate and overall pick Jack Hughes, he’s still regarded one of the top prospects this year.

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