BREAKING: Dolphins Release TJ McDonald

Dolphins release TJ McDonald

Photo Courtesy of CBS12

And the Miami Dolphins fire sale has begun. With all the speculation over what Dolphin’s would be released or traded, it was a guy who wasn’t brought up in any of those talks that’s the first to go.

From all accounts, TJ McDonald was a good guy in the locker room and was in the running to be one of the starting safeties. But, that idea is out the window. The Dolphins are going to go with second-year player Minkah Fitzpatrick. That’s the choice I and most wanted to see happen, but no one had McDonald as one of the guys that were on the chopping block. Stills, Alonso, and Reshad Jones have been floated out there, but not McDonald.

With this move and the likelihood that Miami isn’t finished purging more veteran players, you really can’t believe for one moment that the Dolphins are truly expecting to compete for a Lombardi trophy this year. It’s simple; the Dolphins are getting younger, cheaper and are focusing on doing serious winning in the coming years. Sure, the Dolphins aren’t going to lay down every week and purposely lose. But to think that the staff thinks they’ve done everything to win this year is just being naive. Many starters are not starting-caliber players and there isn’t much depth at any position group except maybe receiver. It’s going to be a year where the Dolphins get beat down often, but hopefully, some young guys shine and will be part of the process next year.

This is most likely the first of a few dominoes to fall when it comes to the Dolphins making big-name cuts or trades. It should be an interesting week coming up.

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