BREAKING: Blackhawks and Senators Swap Artem Anisimov and Zack Smith

Artem Anisimov has been traded to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for Zack Smith, who’s played his entire career, to this point, with the Senators.

Photo Courtesy of NBC Chicago

The frenzy of NHL free agency has long passed but some teams are still making moves during the offseason. The most recent that went down earlier today happened between the Chicago Blackhawks and Ottawa Senators, swapping Artem Anisimov and Zack Smith.

What the Blackhawks get

Smith isn’t young by any means, compared to the youth movement throughout the league, but he’s not really that old either. At the age of 31, he played in 70 games last season and was most effective at finding open linemates. He tallied 19 assists and nine goals while finishing with a -6 overall rating.

Smith was originally drafted in 2008 with the Senators and has been there ever since. His numbers have tailed off the last couple of seasons but he certainly has the potential to contribute. In a two-year span (2015-17) Smith scored 41 goals and assisted on another 27. The Blackhawks will eat the final year of Smith’s current contract, owing him just over $3 million.

What the Senators get

Anisimov isn’t that much different than Smith, other than playing Center instead of LW. He’s also 31 and has put together several consistent seasons with different clubs. Last season, Anisimov had 37 points, assisting on 22 goals and scoring another 15 himself, leading to a -2 overall rating. The first couple of seasons he was with Chicago (2015-17) he finished with over 40 points and scored 20 goals or more. He’d only tallied that many points once in his career prior and has hit the 20-goal mark four times, thrice with the Hawks.

Anisimov has been all over the map, starting out with the New York Rangers when he was drafted in 2006. He stayed there three seasons, headed to Columbus for the next four seasons and wound up in Chicago. Currently, he’s got one year left on contract with Ottawa now owing him $4.5 million.

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