Bray Wyatt is WWE’s Ace in the Hole Against AEW

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Few wrestlers in the company have any sort of creative freedom, let alone the amount that Bray Wyatt seems to have. What freedom Wyatt does have, he uses better than most.

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For the first time in nearly two decades WWE finally has some sort of competition, in the form of AEW. May 25, 2019, the date of AEW’s debut show Double or Nothing, could turn out to be one of the most groundbreaking dates in professional wrestling history.

Double or Nothing was a huge success. WWE has had two weeks to buffer up some sort of response and they’ve more or less fallen short. Like really, really short.

With the exception of NXT Takeover XXV–which really doesn’t even count because its basically a separate entity within the company–WWE has forced Shane McMahon down our throats, shoved Baron Corbin down our throats and cut off great television matches with commercials. Not exactly the best way to go about fending off new competition.

There have been a few things WWE has gotten right since AEW debuted. Brock Lesnar rocking out to his Money in the Bank boombox is hilarious. Dolph Ziggler has had a recent surge that came way out of left field. And, believe it or not, the 24/7 championship isn’t totally terrible.

But one thing stands far, far above everything that WWE has done the past few months. Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House has been far and away the best thing on WWE television, probably, the entire year.

Its wacky, weird, different from everything else in the company and totally awesome.

On the most recent edition, Wyatt talked to a pig named Huskis the Pig. The name was a clear reference to Wyatt’s former title, Husky Harris. Wyatt then jumped into the “Muscle Man Dance” after a Vince McMahon puppet with devil horns nearly fired Huskis for being fat.

Few wrestlers in the company have any sort of creative freedom, let alone the amount that Wyatt seems to have.

Generally, I think the term “genius” is overused in the world of both sports and entertainment–and sports entertainment for that matter. So I won’t call Bray Wyatt a genius.

With that being said, Wyatt seems to have a creative intelligence that few have.

In the looming war with AEW the leader of the fireflies could be WWE’s ace if they utilize him correctly. But that’s therein lies the problem, will they use him properly?

Before Wyatt makes his on-screen return to the ring WWE has a make or break decision regarding Wyatt’s future. Is he a face or a heel?

Wyatt’s generally played more of a heel persona. The corporate genius–there’s that damn word–that is Vince McMahon might retort to old ways and present Wyatt as a heel once more.

But Wyatt’s lack of real use over the past year alone will get him cheered in his return. Adding on top of that, that the Firefly Fun House is the best thing on WWE television, Wyatt is 100% going to get a massive pop when he makes his next appearance.

If WWE botches his return, what has this all been about? That might sound harsh but it’s the reality of the situation. If they don’t hit it right, Wyatt will be back to cutting cheap heat promos about he people of whatever city they’re in by the end of the year. And no one wants that.

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