Brandon Marshall Chooses Tom Brady Over Peyton Manning

With a potential final showdown in football’s best rivalry, the debate is back of choosing the better all-time quarterback between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Both are absolute legends and the biggest NFL stars of the last fifteen years but everyone has a take on who was better.

New York Jets wide receiver was asked about it on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and gave the following sly answer:

“Tom Brady is handsome, he has the super model wife, his wife makes more money than him, his hair is awesome. It’s Brady.”

Marshall also compared Manning’s decline to Kobe Bryant retiring this year:

“I think that, it kinda reminds me of watching Kobe Bryant, right? These last couple years, you’ve seen the guy really hit a wall. These are legends, living legends, and all of a sudden they can’t play anymore physically.”

Hard to argue with that but the debate would see a huge change if Manning can beat Brady at this stage in his career.

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