BIGPLAY’s NFL 100: 100 Personalities From the NFL’s First 100 Years: #47 Hank Stram

The impact of former head coach and broadcaster Hank Stram.

Photo Courtesy of Codey Dauch, BIGPLAY

Hank Stram had the gift of gab. As the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints from 1960 – 1977 he compiled a 131 – 97 – 10 regular-season record. After his coaching career, Stram became the color commentator for CBS. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

One of Stram’s most memorable days was January 11, 1970, the day of Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings. NFL Films had Stram mic’d up for the game and it was amazing. Steve Sabol of NFL Films said that Stram was one of a few coaches who really opened up to NFL Films which allowed them to grow exponentially. Many of Stram’s quips have become well-known comments in the years since Super Bowl IV.

After he left coaching, he spent time with CBS as a commentator. He worked alongside legends like Jack Buck, Vin Scully, Sean McDonough and Jim Nantz. Stram, along with Scully, was on the call for the 1981 NFC Championship Game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. This game would forever be known for “The Catch” which was made by 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark to send the 49ers to their first Super Bowl.

Stram still has an influence on the NFL today. Besides players and coaches being mic’d up for NFL Films which works now because of how well it worked with Stram, he also was the first professional coach to have Gatorade on the sideline during games. Additionally, some of his assistants went on to be head coaches. Rich Kotite, Dick Nolan and Sam Rutigliano are just three of the many who worked for Stram.

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