BIGPLAY Scouting Report: Jarrett Culver

A full breakdown on NBA Prospect, Jarrett Culver.

Photo From: NBC Sports


  • Great Size at 6’6″
  • Huge wingspan 7’1″
  • Uses his length to get in the passing lanes
  • Terrific on-ball defender forces his man where he wants him to go
  • Great off-ball defender, and able to switch on any position on the floor
  • Quick hands, generators turnovers
  • Great athlete
  • Solid rebounder
  • Shot has a great fundamental base
  • Gets to the line and knocks down his free throws
  • Hesitation move freezes defenders
  • Crafty Finisher
  • Can Finish over and around defenders
  • Carried his team’s offense (Responsible for 35% of Texas Tech’s Offense)
  • Led his team to a Championship
  • Even if his offense doesn’t develop, will still be an elite defender


  • Not much of a midrange shot
  • Okay college three-point shooter, but will need to improve in the NBA
  • Needs to put on some weight (only 195)
  • Seemed to go quiet late in big games

Prospect Breakdown

  • Athleticism: 9
  • Size: 8
  • Defense: 10
  • Strength: 7
  • Quickness: 9
  • Jump shot: 7
  • Passing: 7
  • Potential: 9
  • Ball Handling: 8
  • Intangibles: 9
  • NBA Ready: 8


Prospect Grade: 91% (A)
NBA Ceiling Comparison: Victor Oladipo
NBA Floor Comparison: Andre Roberson

Jarrett Culver has all the tools to be an All-Star in the NBA. He has a solid jump shot that needs a little bit of improvement. He’s a great athlete and has multiple ways to finish in the paint. Even if Culver’s offense doesn’t translate to the NBA, he will be a great on and off ball defender. I would really like to see Culver go in the top five of the draft.

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