BIGPLAY Scouting Report: Ja Morant

Full Scouting Report on NBA Prospect, Ja Morant.

Photo From: SI


  • The perfect NBA Point Guard body
  • Stands at 6’3″
  • Great Wingspan at 6’7″
  • Freakishly athletic
  • Explosive in all aspects of his game
  • Quick to the rim
  • Great lateral quickness
  • Quick twitch reflex
  • Solid handles, quick crossover
  • Can finish through contact with layups and dunks
  • Amazing court vision (10 Assists per game)
  • Team player
  • Good on ball defender
  • Great in help defense
  • Doesn’t give up on plays
  • Solid rebounder for his position
  • Plays with some swagger to himself
  • Good base to his shot
  • Quick Release
  • Shows up in big games
  • Got to develop for two years in college


  • Jumpshot was inconsistent but shows potential
  • Low release on his shot
  • Didn’t play in the best conference, MVC (played well against better competition)
  • Relies too much on his athleticism
  • Has a lot of “if’s”

Prospect Breakdown

  • Athleticism: 10
  • Size: 8
  • Defense: 8
  • Strength: 6
  • Quickness: 10
  • Jump shot: 6
  • Passing: 10
  • Potential: 10
  • Ball Handling: 9
  • Intangibles: 9
  • NBA Ready: 7


Overall Grade: 93% (A)
Ceiling Comparison: John Wall
Floor Comparison: Terrence Ross

Ja Morant seems to be a boom or bust player in my eyes. He’s freakishly athletic and potential is endless. If he can learn to shoot a consistent jump shot, he’ll be tough to stop at the next level. I like Morant a lot more than RJ Barrett for the number two overall pick. It all depends on the draft lottery at that point.

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