BIGPLAY Reacts to Kareem Hunt News

The BIGPLAY Cleveland writers react to the Kareem Hunt news

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On Monday, the Cleveland Browns announced the signing of running back Kareem Hunt. This was a surprise to many who heard the news when considering why he was available in the first place and how quietly the Browns organization went about it.

Here at BIGPLAY, our Cleveland writers had some opinions regarding the one-year signing of Hunt. This is what they had to say.

Mac Robinson (@MacRobinsonCLE)

Whew. Well, there’s two sides to this and I’m confused about them both, but I’ll start from the football side first. Coming into the offseason, I thought that the team could use a running back who could come in sporadically and help Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson if needed. Maybe a veteran on a cheap deal or a day three type of prospect.

Kareem Hunt is cheap and young, but in my opinion I think he adds more questions than answers to the running back room. Will he take away more carries from Nick Chubb? Johnson had a career low in touches last season. Will that continue? Will he get moved?

The other aspect is the obvious off-the-field baggage. When it comes to Hunt, everyone knows the infamous video by now. He still has a suspension hanging over his head. In my opinion, I’m not sure why the team needed to take the risk or PR hit for this. Hunt is a talented player, but I would not have been the one to sign him.

Lauren Dodge (@Jokerscuckoo)

The news of Kareen Hunt going to the Cleveland Browns was a shock, but not in a bad way. I was relieved to hear that he was given a second chance I just never thought it would be with the Browns. I’m more concerned on how this new piece will fit into our newly already talented offense. Whatever Dorsey has planned for our future I’m onboard with.

Nick Greenwood

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have welcomed this move at all. Now, with John Dorsey captaining the ship and Baker as a team leader, I’m more optimistic that this franchise can navigate a move like this. Maybe that’s just recency bias and three years from now I’ll be saying that the team was too young to add a negative distraction, but I have faith in this GM, QB, and coach.

Also, I’ve already heard people claiming that this means Cleveland doesn’t have faith in Nick Chubb and is ready to move on from him. This makes sense because everyone knows that you can’t have two talented running backs on one team. That’s why the Saints offense was so horrible with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. And I’m sure Browns fans remember how awful it was when they had Earnest Byner and Kevin Mack together in the ’80s. All in all, I’m very excited to see what Freddie Kitchens can draw up with these young stud backs.

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