BIGPLAY NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

Worst of the Worst

32. Titans

(2 – 13; L9)
Previous:  32

Result:  Lost to Jacksonville 21 – 13

The only way Tennessee blows the number one overall pick is by somehow beating the Colts.  That’s not happening.


31. BuccaneersDown_arrow_red-5050

(2- 13; L5)
Previous:  30

Result:  Lost to Green Bay 20 – 3

Still trying to figure out how they went to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers.


30. Jaguarsdownload

(3 – 12; W1)
Previous:  30

Result:  Beat Tennessee 21 – 13

Beating the Titans does nothing but lower their draft pick.  In other news, water is wet.


Not Even Remotely Good


29. Redskins

(4 – 12; W1)
Previous:  29

Result:  Beat Philadelphia 27 – 24

Nothing illustrates the fall of the Eagles this year better than losing to the lowly Redskins.


28. Raiders

(3 – 12; W1)
Previous:  28

Result:  Beat Buffalo 26 – 24

Raiders showed some spunk late in the year.  A few nice young players in place could be boosted by a solid off season in 2015.


27. Jets

(3 – 12; L1)
Previous:  27

Result:  Lost to New England 17 – 16

According to a Jet player, this is the best 3 win team of all time.  That’s just grand.  Congratulations Jet fan!


26. Bears

(5 – 10; L4)
Previous:  26

Result:  Lost to Detroit 20 – 14

Jimmy Clausen?  Over Jay Cutler?  Wow.  Just wow.  Have fun back in Canadian football Marc Trestman!


25. 49ersDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 8; L4)
Previous:  25

Result:  Lost to San Diego 38 – 35

The improbable comeback didn’t even really fell all that shocking, considering how shitty the Niners have been this year.  Harbaugh’s ready to take his petulant child sideline demeanor to Ann Arbor for a boat load of money.


24. Saints Down_arrow_red-5050

(6 – 9; L1)
Previous:  21

Result:  Lost to Atlanta 30 – 14

Really missed on the .500 prediction for the Saints.  They were much worse.


23. BrownsDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 8; L4)
Previous:  20

Result: Lost to Carolina 17 – 13

What started with such promise ends in failure.  When healthy, they’ve got a great defense in place, a solid offensive line, and a few nice weapons in Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, and the Baby Backs (Terrence West and Isiah Crowell).  Now, they just need to find a QB.


22. Falconsdownload

(6 – 9; W1)
Previous:  25

Result:  Beat New Orleans 30 – 14

Really seems that Atlanta goes as Julio Jones goes.  If he’s healthy, they are solid.  If he’s out, they’ve got shit.


21. VikingsDown_arrow_red-5050

(6 – 9; L2)
Previous:  18

Result:  Lost to Miami 37 – 35

They lost on a blocked punt for a safety.  Just let that sink in.


Not Too Shabby


20. RamsDown_arrow_red-5050

 (6 – 9; L2)
Previous:  19

Result:  Lost to Giants 37 – 27

The unpredictable Rams strike again!  If the team sucks, they’ll beat the Rams.  If they’re good, Rams win!  Story of 2014 in the STL.

19. Giantsdownload

(6 – 9; W3)
Previous:  24

Result:  Beat Rams 37 – 27

Did they save Tom Coughlin’s job with this late season win streak?


18. Panthersdownload

(6 – 8 – 1; W3)
Previous:  23

Result:  Beat Cleveland 17 – 13

A week ago, Cam Newton was going to the ambulance on a stretcher.  It’s an apt metaphor for the Carolina playoff chances.  They were on life support, but now…who knows!


17. Chiefs Down_arrow_red-5050

(8 – 7; L1)
Previous:  14

Result: Lost to Pittsburgh 20 – 12

Good year for the Chiefs.  They were a formidable opponent for anyone.  Just didn’t have the passing game to join the ranks of the elite in the AFC.  They’ll be in the playoffs if they beat the Chargers, the Ravens lose to the Browns, and Houston loses to Jacksonville.  In other words, you’re done.


16. BillsDown_arrow_red-5050

(8 – 7; L1)
Previous:  12

Result:  Lost to Oakland 26 – 24

Here’s a team that was a playoff contender dropping one to the Raiders.  Just can’t happen if you want to be taken seriously.


The Better Half

15. Dolphinsdownload

(8 – 7; W1)
Previous:  17

Result:  Beat Minnesota 37 – 35

Dolphin’s have good reason to feel positively about this season.  They won some nice games and made some great progress in moving on from Jonathan Martin’s yeast infection last year.


14. EaglesDown_arrow_red-5050

(9 – 6; L3)
Previous:  10

Result: Lost to Redskins 27 – 24

Losing to Seattle and Dallas is one thing, but the Redskins?  Three straight losses and no playoffs for Philly.


13. CardinalsDown_arrow_red-5050

(11 – 4; L1)
Previous:  11

Result: Lost to Seahawks 35 – 6

The lack of a QB has effectively ruined an incredible season in Arizona.  Were Carson Palmer healthy, it would’ve been fun to see what they could do in the playoffs.  Now, if they get in, they’ll be one and done.


12. Texansdownload

(8 – 7; W1)
Previous:  16

Result:  Beat Ravens 25 – 13

Big win against the Ravens to keep the playoff dream alive.  It’s a long shot, but if they win and Baltimore and San Diego lose, they’re playing post season football!


11. Chargers download

(9 – 6; W1)
Previous:  15

Result:  Beat San Francisco 38 – 35

Sometimes, you snap out of a funk with a crazy victory and your team gets rolling.  The Chargers may have done just that, and if they can beat Kansas City they’re in and ready to get back to that early season form that had everyone believing in the Chargers.


Strong to Quite Strong

10. RavensDown_arrow_red-5050

(9 – 6; L1)
Previous:  8

Result: Lost to Houston 25 – 13

Needed one in Houston, but laid a pretty decent egg on the road.  They’re fully expected to beat Cleveland, but they’ll need help in the form of a Chargers loss to play another game this season.


9. ColtsDown_arrow_red-5050

(10 – 5; L1)
Previous:  6

Result: Lost to Dallas 42 – 7

Getting utterly humiliated by a team you were supposed to be competitive with is no way to prepare for post season football.  Maybe the beat down knocked some urgency into them, but it was a bad, bad omen for a team some thought could play with New England in the playoffs.


8. Bengalsdownload

(10 – 4 -1; W2)
Previous:  13

Result: Beat Denver 37 – 28

It was closer than it looked, but the Bengals impressively took care of business at home, in prime time, against one of the best teams in the AFC.  Andy Dalton looked like his old “my game’s the only one on TV” self when he started with a pick six, but he overcame the abysmal start to get the win.


7. Steelers download

(10 – 5; W3)
Previous:  9

Result: Beat Kansas City 20 – 12

Pittsburgh is rolling just in time to start post season play.  They can clinch the AFC North with a win over Cinci this weekend.  Going to be a good game with that on the line!

6. BroncosDown_arrow_red-5050

(11 – 4; L1)
Previous:  3

Result: Lost to Cincinnati 37 – 28

Lot of defensive injuries and the feeling that something’s just not right with the offense came to a head in Cincinnati.  Peyton’s not himself and there’s worries about Denver’s chances in the playoffs.


The Five


5. Lions

(11 – 4; W4)
Previous:  5

Result: Beat Chicago 20 – 14

You want them to convincingly dominate the lowly Bears, but a win is a win.  All that matters is who comes out on top of the NFC North title battle against Green Bay.  Must see TV this weekend in Lambeau!


4. Cowboysdownload

(11 – 4; W3)
Previous:  7

Result: Beat Indianapolis 42 – 7

That absolute dismantling of the Colts makes them very scary to anyone facing them in the playoffs.  It feels like this may finally be the year Romo gets that monkey off his back in the playoffs.


3. Seahawksdownload

(11 – 4; W5)
Previous:  4

Result: Beat Arizona 35 – 6

Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch were at their absolute beastly best against Arizona’s big time defense.  Whoever emerges from the NFC between Dallas, Green Bay, and the Seahawks is going to have to run through a gauntlet of death.


2. Packers

(11 – 4; W1)
Previous:  2

Result: Beat Tampa Bay 20 – 3

Pack really needs to win to maintain home field advantage in the playoffs.  They can beat anyone, but they’re not blowing people out on the road like they do at home.  If Seattle loses and Green Bay wins, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Lambeau.


1. Patriots

(12 – 3; W3)
Previous:  1

Result: Beat Jets 17 – 16

The Jets always play tough against the Patriots, so we’ll overlook the margin of victory and move on.  They’ve already clinched home field throughout the playoffs, so whatever happens this weekend is meaningless.  They’re the class of the NFL and will remain atop these rankings with or without a win against Buffalo as they’ll likely rest some valuable pieces.


Merry Christmas to you and yours from the BIG PLAY POWER RANKINGS!




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