BIGPLAY NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

Worst of the Worst

32. Titans

(2 – 12; L8)
Previous:  32

Result:  Lost to Jets 16 – 11

Eight straight is a great way to nab that top pick in the draft!


31. Jaguars

(2 – 12; L2)
Previous:  31

Result:  Lost to Baltimore 20 – 12

At least the Jags have been preventing the favorites from covering the insanely large spreads lately.


30. BuccaneersDown_arrow_red-5050

(2- 12; L4)
Previous:  29

Result:  Lost to Carolina 19 – 17

Had a chance against Carolina, but they let Derek Anderson get the better of them.  Let that sink in.



Not Even Remotely Good

29. RedskinsDown_arrow_red-5050

(3 – 11; L6)
Previous:  27

Result:  Lost to Giants 24 – 13

As bad as the Giants are, the Redskins are that much worse.  RGIII is back under center…or in the pistol…who cares?


28. Raiders

(2 – 12; L1)
Previous:  28

Result:  Lost to Kansas City 31 – 13

Just when you got a bit of faith in the Raiders, they get utterly demolished.


27. Jetsdownload

(3 – 11; W1)
Previous:  30

Result:  Beat Tennessee 16 – 11

Odds are beating the lowly Titans isn’t good enough to save Rob Ryan’s job.


26. BearsDown_arrow_red-5050

(5 – 9; L3)
Previous:  24

Result:  Lost to New Orleans 31 – 15

Just keeps getting worse for coach Trestman.  He could be joining Rob Ryan in the unemployment line.


25. FalconsDown_arrow_red-5050

(5 – 9; L2)
Previous:  22

Result:  Lost to Pittsburgh 27 – 20

Tough loss at home to the Steelers…but losing Julio Jones was even tougher.  Their playoff hopes, at 5 – 9, rely on Julio pretty heavily apparently.


24. Giantsdownload

(5 – 9; W2)
Previous:  25

Result:  Beat Redskins 24 – 13

Playing to keep Coughlin’s job, they’ve gotten two straight over league punching bags the Titans and Redskins.  Need a good showing against a tough St. Louis squad and then the hated Eagles to give him a fighter’s chance.


23. Panthersdownload

(5 – 8 – 1; W2)
Previous:  26

Result:  Beat Tampa Bay 19 – 17

Fortunately, they got the Buccaneers with Cam Newton out for the game.  He’s back with Cleveland and Atlanta standing in the way of a playoff spot.  Can’t believe it, but there’s a chance!


22. 49ersDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 7; L3)
Previous:  21

Result:  Lost to Seattle 17 – 7

With every loss, Kaepernick looks worse and that job in Ann Arbor looks better for Harbaugh.


21. Saints download

(6 – 8; W1)
Previous:  23

Result:  Beat Chicago 31 – 15

A road game was all the Saints needed to get a win.  It’s just too bad they’ve got Atlanta at home before heading to Tampa Bay, because they have a chance to win out.


Not Too Shabby

20. BrownsDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 7; L3)
Previous:  18

Result: Lost to Cincinnati 30 – 0

Johnny Football fucking sucked, but so did every other facet of the team for the Browns.  Injuries have ruined a once promising season for Cleveland.


19. Rams

 (6 – 8; L1)
Previous:  19

Result:  Lost to Arizona 12 – 6

The crappy Rams showed up again.  This is a team that could’ve upset someone in the playoffs, but they can’t beat enough shitty teams to get there.


18. Vikingsdownload

(6 – 8; L1)
Previous:  20

Result:  Lost to Detroit 16 – 14

A bit of respect for hanging with a mighty Lions team.  Their season is over, but they’re playing hard to the final whistle.


17. DolphinsDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 7; L2)
Previous:  13

Result:  Lost to New England 41 – 13

Dominated by New England after a loss to Baltimore makes it two straight against top tier AFC teams.  The true colors of the Dolphins begin to show.  It’s not a playoff team.


16. Texans

(7 – 7; L1)
Previous:  16

Result:  Lost to Indianapolis 17 – 10

Imagine if the Texans find a quarterback?


The Better Half

15. Chargers Down_arrow_red-5050

(8 – 6; L2)
Previous:  11

Result:  Lost to Denver 22 – 10

Starting to lose faith in the Chargers late in the year.  Maybe they’ll win out against San Francisco and Kansas City to sneak into the playoffs, or maybe they’ll lose both and finish on a four game skid.  50/50 shot of either happening at this point.


14. Chiefs download

(8 – 6; W1)
Previous:  17

Result: Beat Oakland 31 – 13

It feels entirely possible that the Chiefs could win out against Pittsburgh and San Diego.  The revenge win against Oakland gave them the confidence to do it after a three game skid.


13. Bengalsdownload

(9 – 4 -1; W1)
Previous:  15

Result: Beat Cleveland 30 – 0

Big revenge win over Cleveland.  Unfortunately for Bengal fan, finishing out against Denver and Pittsburgh means no more Johnny Football to humiliate.  Going gets real tough for Cinci.


12. Billsdownload

(8 – 6; W1)
Previous:  14

Result:  Beat Green Bay 21 – 13

Following up a tough loss to Denver by beating the hottest team in football has everyone believing in Buffalo.  They’re going to have to beat New England in the season finale to even have a chance to be playing post season football.


11. CardinalsDown_arrow_red-5050

(11 – 3; W2)
Previous:  9

Result: Beat St. Louis 12 – 6

Two straight and the best record in football and they still move down two spots?  With rumors Tim Tebow is going to be brought in to quarterback, even 11 may be generous…


Strong to Quite Strong

10. EaglesDown_arrow_red-5050

(9 – 5; L2)
Previous:  6

Result: Lost to Dallas 38 – 27

While there’s trouble in Philly, there’s hope with the Redskins and Giants to finish the year.  You can probably pencil those in for wins and put Philly in the playoffs…but a slip up would be devastating.


9. Steelers download

(9 – 5; W2)
Previous:  12

Result: Beat Atlanta 27 – 20

The Steelers have to make sure they don’t overlook Kansas City with a shot at the AFC North on the line in Cinci the last week of the season.


8. Ravensdownload

(9 – 5; W2)
Previous:  10

Result: Beat Jacksonville 20 – 12

Houston and Cleveland are all that stand in the way of the AFC North for the Ravens.  You have to like their chances over Cinci and Pittsburgh at this point.


7. Cowboysdownload

(10 – 4; W2)
Previous:  8

Result: Beat Philadelphia 38 – 27

If Demarco Murray’s broken hand keeps him out the line up, it could be devastating for Dallas.  He gets so much attention it frees up Dez Bryant a bit.  Considering Tony Romo played with a broken back, if Murray’s down, there’s no doubt the training staff <cough cough > Jerry Jones <cough cough> will clear him to play.


6. Coltsdownload

(10 – 4; W4)
Previous:  7

Result: Beat Houston 17 – 10

Colts keep eeking out wins, but a win is a win.  They’ve clinched their division and now will play for a home game in the first round…maybe throughout the playoffs if they get some help.


The Five

5. Lions

(10 – 4; W3)
Previous:  5

Result: Beat Minnesota 16 – 14

Look who’s on top of the Packers in the NFC North!  How good is that season finale in Green Bay going to be between these two titans?


4. Seahawks

(10 – 4; W4)
Previous:  4

Result: Beat San Francisco 17 – 7

That Seahawk defense is firing on all cylinders heading into the playoffs.  Look out NFC!


3. Broncos

(11 – 3; W4)
Previous:  3

Result: Beat San Diego 22 – 10

There’s just something fishy with Denver.  Defensive injuries are piling up and Peyton’s not putting up astronomical offensive numbers.  As good as they can be, there’s some concern with their ability to win against the best of the best in the playoffs.


2. PackersDown_arrow_red-5050

(10 – 4; L1)
Previous:  1

Result: Lost to Buffalo 21 – 13

They took the best the Bills had to offer and came up short.  Despite the slip up, they’re still the most feared team in the NFC.


1. Patriotsdownload

(11 – 3; W2)
Previous:  2

Result: Beat Miami 41 – 13

Miami’s no slouch, and New England just dismantled them.  The tough loss in Lambeau may be the last one of the year for the Patriots.

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