BIGPLAY NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Worst of the Worst

32. Raiders

(0 – 10; L10)
Previous:  32

Result:  Lost to San Diego 13 – 6

Ten straight for the silver and black.  With a slate of solid opponents coming up, the 0-16 is a very real possibility for this team.


31. Jaguars

(1 – 9; L3)
Previous:  31

Result:  Bye

At least there’s a pool at the stadium in Jacksonville.


30. Titans Down_arrow_red-5050

(2 – 8; L4)
Previous:  28

Result:  Lost to Pittsburgh 27 – 24

Valiant effort against Pittsburgh on Monday night, but they still dropped their fourth straight.


Not Even Remotely Good

29. Jets

(2 – 8; W1)
Previous:  29

Result:  Bye

They beat Pittsburgh before the bye.  They’re still awful.


28. Buccaneers download

(2- 8; W1)
Previous:  30

Result:  Beat Redskins 27 – 7

Capitalized on the disarray in Washington to earn a nice victory.  Six more chances for moral victories en route to a nice draft pick for Tampa Bay.


27. GiantsDown_arrow_red-5050

(3 – 7; L5)
Previous:  26

Result:  Lost to San Francisco 16 – 10

Eli threw five picks.  Giants lose five straight.  Coincidence?  Absolutely.


26. Panthers Down_arrow_red-5050

(3 – 7 – 1; L5)
Previous:  25

Result:  Lost to Atlanta 19 – 17

Six weeks without a win becomes seven after a much needed bye week for the Panthers.  Football in Carolina is essentially Newton to Benjamin at this point, like two kids in the backyard.


25. RedskinsDown_arrow_red-5050

(3 – 7; L2)
Previous:  22

Result:  Lost to Tampa Bay 27 – 7

RGIII throws his teammates under the bus.  Jay Gruden lambastes RGIII publicly.  Somehow, Colt McCoy’s two straight wins were the best the Redskins were this season.


So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

24. Vikings  Down_arrow_red-5050

(4 – 6; L1)
Previous:  20

Result:  Lost to Chicago 21 – 13

Just when things were looking up in Minnesota, they choke out against a reeling Bears team.  Doesn’t get any easier against explosive Green Bay this weekend.


23. Bears download

(4 – 6; W1)
Previous:  24

Result:  Beat Minnesota 21 – 13

Nice rebound after being dominated by Green Bay.  Cutler’s going to have to have a few more 300 yard 3 TD days down the home stretch to finish respectably.


22. Saints Down_arrow_red-5050

(4 – 6; L2)
Previous:  19

Result:  Lost to Cincinnati 27 – 10

Two straight home losses for a team that seemed invincible in the dome.  Been saying it for weeks now, but this is still nothing more than a .500 team.


21. Falcons download

(4 – 6; W2)
Previous:  27

Result:  Beat Carolina 19 – 17

4 – 6 gets you first place in the NFC South.  Remarkable.  After wins against the hapless Bucs and Panthers, they host a Browns team that will be focused on the task at hand.


Not Too Shabby

20. Bills Down_arrow_red-5050

(5 – 5; L2)
Previous:  17

Result:  Lost to Miami 22 – 9

Just when you thought the Bills were catching a grove with Kyle Orton, they drop two straight.  They desperately need a win over the Jets this weekend to make up for the losses already penciled in against New England, Green Bay, and Denver coming up.


19. Rams download

 (4 – 6; W1)
Previous:  23

Result:  Beat Denver 22 – 7

The Rams have been great in the role of giant slayer this year.  It’s too bad they can’t play consistently against lesser opponents because it’s clear they’ve got a knack for winning big games.


18. Texans download

(5 – 5; W1)
Previous:  21

Result:  Beat Cleveland 23 – 7

Now JJ Watt’s a legit red-zone threat at WR?  What can’t this guy do?  Maybe Ryan Mallet can get them going.  More likely, they’ll finish about .500 and continue to be inconsistent.


17. Chargers download

(6 – 4; W1)
Previous:  18

Result:  Beat Oakland 13 – 6

Barely got past Oakland to stop the bleeding.  The murderer’s row schedule to finish out the season will require them to really play well, which they haven’t done in weeks.


16. Bengals

(6 – 3 -1; W1)
Previous:  16

Result: Beat New Orleans 27 – 10

After being left for dead following the beating at the hands of the Browns, Dalton bounced back and stomped New Orleans in the dome.  Just another strange turn of events in the NFL this year.


The Better Half

15. 49ers

(6 – 4; W2)
Previous:  15

Result:  Beat NY Giants 16 – 10

Picked off Eli Manning 5 times and still only won by six.  A win’s a win, but as bad as the Giants have been, the Niners did nothing to raise confidence in them.


14. Dolphins

(6 – 4; W1)
Previous:  14

Result:  Beat Buffalo 22 – 9

Dolphins keep adding to a solid resume.  It seemed crazy to say at the start of the season, but this is a playoff caliber team in Miami.


13. Ravens

(6 – 4; W1)
Previous:  13

Result: Bye

Heading into New Orleans off of the bye with the Saints having lost two straight at home.  Very interesting.


12. Steelers

(7 – 4; W1)
Previous:  12

Result: Beat Tennessee 27 – 24

Took 200 yards from Le’Veon Bell to do it, but the Steelers got over on the crappy Titans.  A timely bye for Pittsburgh to rest up for the stretch run in a wide open AFC North.

11. Browns Down_arrow_red-5050

(6 – 4; L1)
Previous:  8

Result: Lost to Houston 23 – 7

A poor display of football in front of the hometown fans for the Browns.  Josh Gordon’s return from a ten game suspension is great for the team, but losing Karlos Dansby and Jabal Sheard from an already depleted defense could spell disaster.


Strong to Quite Strong


10. Seahawks Down_arrow_red-5050

(6 – 4; L1)
Previous:  9

Result: Lost to Kansas City 24 – 20

Seattle hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record since the Broncos in week 3.  Marshawn is making his misery public and you have to wonder if the Seahawks can get it together for the stretch run.


9. Cowboys download

(7 – 3; W1)
Previous:  12

Result: Bye

Broke-back Romo and the boys should roll up the Giants, provided they’re not already looking forward to the showdown with Philly next week.


8. ColtsDown_arrow_red-5050

(6 – 4; L1)
Previous:  6

Result: Lost to New England 42 – 20

A big time reality check for the Colts at home from Gronk.  With Jacksonville and the Redskins on the schedule, the Colts can pretty much lock up a playoff spot with two easy wins.


7. EaglesDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 3; L1)
Previous:  4

Result: Crushed by Green Bay 53 – 20

Green Bay dominated the Eagles in every facet of the game.  When you let your opponent’s defense score 30+ in fantasy, you had a miserable fucking game.  Lot of pressure on Sanchez to keep Chip Kelly’s offense winning.


6. Lions Down_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 3; L1)
Previous:  5

Result: Lost to Arizona 14 – 6

Arizona’s vaunted defense really kept the potent Detroit offense in check.  Really no shame in losing a close one in Arizona these days.  Unfortunately, the Lions now get to head to Foxboro to face the red hot Patriots next.


The Five

5. Chiefs download

(7 – 3; W5)
Previous:  11

Result: Beat Seattle 24 – 20

Five straight and the streaking Chiefs are climbing the charts.  No reason they can’t make it six straight at Oakland’s expense before a very big showdown with Denver.


4. BroncosDown_arrow_red-5050

(7 – 3; L1)
Previous:  2

Result: Lost to St. Louis 22 – 7

Injuries have plagued the Broncos offense, but there’s just too much firepower left to lose that badly to St. Louis.  They’ve lost two of their last three and host Miami on Sunday in frigid conditions, which should benefit the home team.


3. Packersdownload

(7 – 3; W2)
Previous:  7

Result: Beat Philadelphia 53 – 20

Aaron Rodgers and company can put up points with reckless abandon.  Hard not to look past Minnesota and ahead to the match up with New England, which will be must see TV in two weeks.


2. Cardinalsdownload

(9 – 1; W6)
Previous:  3

Result: Beat Detroit 13 – 6

Bruce Arians has his team with the best record in football.  It was a gutsy win over Detroit with Drew Stanton at the helm and a strong showing by the defense.  It’s officially time to believe in Arizona!


1. Patriots

(8 – 2; W6)
Previous:  1

Result: Beat Indianapolis 42 – 20

Only in New England could a guy who was doing stand up comedy rush for 200 yards and four TD’s.  As long as Gronk is healthy, there’s no reason to doubt the Patriots can beat anyone.


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