BIGPLAY NFL Power Rankings

The official BIGPLAY NFL Power Rankings, preseason edition!

The dog days of summer and training camps around the National Football League are slowly coming to an end. For some, their ultimate dream of becoming a professional football player is coming to fruition. For others, the heartbreak of being cut or just missing out on a 53-man roster is stinging.

For us, the fans, it’s the time of year we salivate for. The start of REAL football! Did sudden retirements or preseason injuries change your team’s fate? Only time will tell!

The vast majority of the NFL’s eight divisions have an odds-on favorite according to the majority of the sites reviewed here. The Patriots are the biggest chalk at -400 to win the AFC East. The Rams (-175, NFC West), Saints (-160, NFC South), Eagles (-150, NFC East), Colts (-160, AFC South), and Chiefs (-150, AFC West) are all shorter than even money, as well. Only the AFC North and NFC North are considered to be too close to call. The Browns and Steelers are roughly co-favorites in the AFC North at about +145, while the Packers and Bears are neck and neck at about +190 in the NFC North.

Our writers show us where they feel your team falls in the hierarchy of the NFL, just a little over a week away from the kickoff of the NFL’S 100th season!

Biggest Jump: Carolina Panthers (+5)
Biggest Drop: Indianapolis Colts (-20)

1. New England Patriots

First Place Votes: 8
Lowest Rank: 4th – Scott Lendak
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

On paper, this isn’t the dominant Patriots team we are used to seeing. However, last year’s team didn’t jump off the page, and yet they will be defending their title in 2019… I wouldn’t be in on their demise quite yet.
Scott Lendak

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Highest Rank : 2nd – Brandon Gimpel, Scott Lendak, Nick Greenwood, Tyler Bowen
Lowest Rank: 4th – Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

“Tyreek Hill is eligible to play this season and the addition of Tyrann Mathieu will be big for the secondary.”
Brandon Gimpel

3. New Orleans Saints

First Place Votes: 2
Lowest Rank: 4th – Chase Richardson, Dan Starr, Nick Greenwood, Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (-1)

“With an elite offense consisting of a one-two punch at RB/WR and Drew Brees still playing lights out plus a top-notch defense, look for this team to play for the Lombardi in Miami next February.”
Rachel Wold

4. Los Angeles Rams

Highest Rank: 2nd – Chase Richardson, Dan Starr, Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 6th- Brandon Gimpel
+/- from Post-Draft: (-1)

“The Rams disappointing end to the 2018 season casts a wide shadow over their projections for 2019. Questions regarding the health of pivotal offensive players Todd Gurley and Cooper Kupp leave me wondering if the window for LA is beginning to close much sooner than expected”

5. Philadelphia Eagles

Highest Rank: 3rd – Scott Lendak
Lowest Rank: 16th – Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (+4)

“The Eagles appear to be the best-equipped team in the NFC East as the only one in the division without question marks. Carson Wentz staying healthy is key, however.”
Rachel Wold

6. Chicago Bears

Highest Rank: 5th- BIGPLAY Blake, Rachel Wold, Tyler Bowen
Lowest Rank: 10th – Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

“The league’s best scoring defense returns its key contributors led by Khalil Mack, Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson, and Akiem Hicks. Even if Trubisky takes a small step forward, Matt Nagy still has many weapons to utilize, including rookie running back David Montgomery.”
Scott Lendak

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Highest Rank: 5th- Brandon Gimpel, Dan Starr
Lowest Rank: 11th – Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

“Melvin Gordon’s hold out and Derwin James’ foot injury are not ideal. However, Hunter Henry returning to the offense is a big plus as is Joey Bosa starting the season healthy. Meanwhile, Philip Rivers is returning from completing 68.3 percent of his passes in 2018.”
Rachel Wold

8. Cleveland Browns

Highest Rank: 6th- BIGPLAY Blake, Chase Richardson
Lowest Rank: 15th – Dan Starr
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

“Needless to say, the hype surrounding the Browns is unmatched in the NFL. With key additions all over the field, the Browns will have the position advantage in most games they play. Roster wise, there aren’t too many teams better than Cleveland.”

Scott Lendak

9. Houston Texans

Highest Rank: 5th – Nick Greenwood
Lowest Rank: 17th – Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (+4)

“Before the retirement of Andrew Luck, the Texans were a threat to win the AFC South. Now that Luck is gone, they’re the no-doubt favorites to win the division, and with a healthy defense, possibly the conference.”

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Highest Rank: 7th – Dan Starr, Tyler Bowen
Lowest Rank: 17th – BIGPLAY Blake
+/- from Post-Draft: (+1)

“Similarly to the Patriots, the roster doesn’t paint the whole picture. With Ben Roethlisberger behind center, the Steelers will always be a threat to win the AFC North. The defensive line should be a strength for Pittsburgh.”
Scott Lendak

11. Dallas Cowboys

Highest Rank: 8th – Brandon Gimpel
Lowest Rank: 14th – BIGPLAY Blake, Rachel Wold
+/- from Post-Draft: (+1)

“There is turmoil surrounding the team’s stars who want more money, but the Cowboys will need all three of their lead horses in Dak, Zeke, and Cooper in order to compete with the Eagles for the NFC East.”
Brandon Gimpel

12. Seattle Seahawks

Highest Rank: 5th – Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 15th – Chase Richardson
+/- from Post-Draft: (-2)

“This run-heavy team led by Russell WIlson and Chris Carson should be similar to last season and will likely finish second in the NFC West. There may not be enough offensive firepower to posea real threat for a Super Bowl, however.”

Scott Lendak

13. Green Bay Packers

Highest Rank: 8th – Rachel Wold
Lowest Rank: 19th – Brandon Gimpel
+/- from Post-Draft: (+3)

“A lot of hype surrounds Green Bay entering 2019’s fresh start, but the Packers didn’t make many upgrades offensively. Aaron Rodgers has the same weapons that led a mediocre offense from last year. However, if new head coach Matt LaFleur lives up to his reputation, the Packers’ upside is very high.”
Scott Lendak

14. Minnesota Vikings

Highest Rank: 11th – Brandon Gimpel
Lowest Rank: 19th – BIGPLAY Blake
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

“The Vikings starting offense already looks to be in mid-season form. And, the defense that gave less than 200 passing yards per game last year should keep thriving. Watch out NFC North.”

Rachel Wold

15. Atlanta Falcons

Highest Rank: 10th – Dan Starr, Rachel Wold
Lowest Rank: 23rd – Nick Greenwood
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

“Atlanta always has a very high powered offense led by Matt Ryan. When healthy, their defense can be one of the best in the league.”
Brandon Gimpel

16. Baltimore Ravens

Highest Rank: 7th – Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 19th – Dan Starr, Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (-1)

“Lamar Jackson will need to take a big step forward throwing the football if Baltimore has any chance in the AFC North this season.”
Tyler Bowen

17. Carolina Panthers

Highest Rank: 12th – Brandon Gimpel
Lowest Rank: 22nd- Dan Starr
+/- from Post-Draft: (+5)

18. Jacksonville Jaguars

Highest Rank: 16th – BIGPLAY Blake, Brandon Gimpel, Nick Greenwood
Lowest Rank: 29th – Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (+1)

19. Tennessee Titans

Highest Rank: 15th – Nick Greenwood
Lowest Rank: 28th – Rachel Wold
+/- from Post-Draft: (+1)

20. San Francisco 49ers

Highest Rank: 9th – Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 26th – Brandon Gimpel
+/- from Post-Draft: (-2)

21. New York Jets

Highest Rank: 17th – Tyler Bowen
Lowest Rank: 25th – Rachel Wold
+/- from Post-Draft:

22. Detroit Lions

Highest Rank: 18th – Nick Greenwood
Lowest Rank: 28th – Scott Lendak
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

23. Denver Broncos

Highest Rank: 16th – Rachel Wold
Lowest Rank: 29th – BIGPLAY Blake
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

24. Buffalo Bills

Highest Rank: 20th – Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 28th – Brandon Gimpel
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

25. Indianapolis Colts

Highest Rank: 17th – Rachel Wold
Lowest Rank: 30th – Dan Starr
+/- from Post-Draft: (-20)

26. Washington Redskins

Highest Rank: 22nd – BIGPLAY Blake, Mike Burvee, Nick Greenwood
Lowest Rank: 29th – Rachel Wold
+/- from Post-Draft: (-1)

27. Oakland Raiders

Highest Rank: 18th – Dan Starr
Lowest Rank: 31st – Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (–)

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Highest Rank: 21st – Mike Burvee
Lowest Rank: 29th – Brandon Gimpel, Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

29. New York Giants

Highest Rank: 24th – Brandon Gimpel
Lowest Rank: 32nd – BIGPLAY Blake
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Highest Rank: 27th – Scott Lendak
Lowest Rank: 31st – Brandon Gimpel, Mike Burvee
+/- from Post-Draft: (+2)

31. Arizona Cardinals

Highest Rank: 24th – Rachel Wold
Lowest Rank: 32nd – Mike Burvee, Nick Greenwood, Tyler Bowen
+/- from Post-Draft: (-2)

32. Miami Dolphins

Highest Rank: 28th – Tyler Bowen
Lowest Rank: 32nd – Brandon Gimpel, Chase Richardson, Dan Starr, Scott Lendak, Rachel Wold
+/- from Post-Draft: (-4)

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