Best Sports Movies: Voting for Football and Documentaries Results

The results are in for the “Peoples’ Choice” of best sports documentary movies, in addition to voting for best football movies.

The final week of regular voting is here and that means it’s time for football! This week features the poll for the best football movies while also giving you the results to the best sports documentary movies. When it comes to the United States, football has consistently been the top sport and doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. In that case, that means there are plenty of great football movies. There is nothing like a good football movie to get you inspired, moved, or feel emotional. And on top of it, these are all perfect movies for right now with football right around the corner. I know I’ll be watching at least one of this in the next week or so.

To start though, we’ll take a look at the results of the best sports documentary movies from last week’s poll. If you want to look back at other articles in the series, here are the links: IntroBaseball; Basketball; Boxing; Hockey; Soccer; Golf

  1. OJ: Made in America (30 for 30)

2. Bad Boys (30 for 30) (couldn’t find a trailer or clip, so here is the synopsis on ESPN)

3. Pumping Iron

OJ: Made in America (30 for 30)64%
Bad Boys (30 for 30)55%
Pumping Iron36%
The U (30 for 30)27%
Hoop Dreams18%
Survive and Advance (30 for 30)18%
Fab Five (30 for 30)18%
More Than a Game9%
You Don’t Know Bo (30 for 30)9%
Fighting Ali9%

The sports documentary was a very interesting category. This is probably the one where I have seen the least of the options, but definitely will be watching more of them soon. Starting from the top, there aren’t many surprises as “OJ: Made in America” is centered on one of the most interesting stories in sports and something almost everyone knows about. On top of it, the documentary also won an Oscar. With “Bad Boys,” you have one of the most-watched 30 for 30 films. Last year, “Pumping Iron” focuses on the early careers of two huge stars, including one who became the Hulk and one who became the Terminator and Governor of California. These are all great films and ones that everyone should check out, but no surprises with the winners of the poll. There are so many amazing football movies, so I tried to put a bunch of the options on the poll, but I didn’t get them all, so make sure to enter any movies I might have missed as “Other”


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