Best Sports Movies: Voting for Documentaries and Golf Results

The results are in for the “Peoples’ Choice” of best golf movies, in addition to voting for best sports documentary movies.

I might be wrong, but I think everyone might be waiting for the football sports movie category. Lucky for you, there’s only one more week until then. For now, there is a fun category to share results on and another one to vote on. The results are in for golf and it’s time to start the sports documentary poll. I know documentaries aren’t a sport like the rest of the categories in the series, but when it comes to making documentaries, sports tend to be a common topic. HBO has made a fair share of them and ESPN has an entire series called, “30 for 30.” With there being so many good ones, I just couldn’t leave them off the list. To start though, we’ll take a look at the results of the best golf movies from last week’s poll. If you want to look back at other articles in the series, here are the links: IntroBaseball; Basketball; Boxing; Hockey; Soccer

  1. Tin Cup

2. Happy Gilmore

3. Caddyshack

Tin Cup86%
Happy Gilmore71%
The Greatest Game Ever Played43%
The Legend of Bagger Vance29%

No surprises here. This category is extremely top-heavy, but the top three golf movies could be considered some of the best sports movies in general. Tin Cup has Kevin Costner and Rene Russo, two sports movie champs. Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack have some of the best movie quotes. These movies are great, but now let’s see what you think are the best sports documentaries. There are so many, so I tried to put a bunch of the options on the poll, but I didn’t get them all, so make sure to enter any movies I might have missed as “Other”.


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