Best Sports Movies: Voting for Boxing and Basketball Results

The results are in for the “Peoples’ Choice” of best basketball movies, in addition to voting for best Boxing movies.

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Another week of my “Best Sports Movies” is officially over and the results for the best basketball movies are in. Now, we move onto boxing. This section has some of the best overall movies when it comes to the sports category. Just to show how great they are, nine different movies have been nominated for an Oscar. It’s safe to say that this category is full of great movies. To start though, we’ll take a look at the results of the best basketball movies from last week’s poll. If you want to look back at other articles in the series, here are the links: Intro; Baseball

1. Hoosiers

2. Space Jam

3. White Men Can’t Jump

Space Jam55%
White Men Can’t Jump50%
Blue Chips45%
Coach Carter35%
Glory Road25%
Like Mike15%
Love & Basketball10%
He Got Game5%

Once again, not too much of a surprise here. I was a little surprised that Coach Carter was so low, I feel like I see things about it all the time. Even though I love basketball, I haven’t seen many of these, so I guess I’ll have to fix that. Anyways, time for boxing. There are some great movies here, but I didn’t get them all, so make sure to enter any movies I might have missed as “Other”.

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