Best Sports Movies: Voting for Basketball and Baseball Results

The best way to create definitive rankings of the best sports movies by sport is to ask the people and have them vote, so here are the results of baseball and the poll for basketball.

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The first week of my “Best Sports Movies” is officially over and the results for the best baseball movies are in. Now, we move onto basketball to find out what the best basketball movies are. It was a crazy end to the season and an even crazier free agency opening at the end of June. So, let’s see what movies people love to watch when they can’t get their minds off basketball. To start though, we’ll take a look at the results of the best baseball movies. If you want to look back at the introduction of the series and the baseball poll, click here.

1. The Sandlot

2. Major League

3. Field of Dreams

Movie Percent
The Sandlot 64%
Major League 62%
Field of Dreams 47%
Moneyball 31%
A League of Their Own 29%
Bull Durham 11%
42 9%
Benchwarmers 9%
The Natural 7%
The Rookie 7%
Rookie of the Year 5%
Eight Men Out 5%
Little Big League 4%
Hardball 4%
Bad News Bears (1976) 2%
Pride of the Yankees 2%
For Love of the Game 2%

Honestly, not much of a surprise here. If you were to ask any typical baseball fan, I think it would be pretty safe to say that they would all agree these are great baseball movies. They have some of the most quotable lines for any sports movie, making them that much better. Now, onto basketball. Remember, if there are any movies I missed on the list, don’t forget to add it in using the “Other” option. Check back next week to see what the top 3 movies are!

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