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Best Sports Movies: Final Overall Results

The results are in for the “Peoples’ Choice” of the long best sports movie series! See what movie everyone voted as the best overall sports movie!

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My nine-week sports movie series is finally coming to an end. With it, comes the final results to decide the best sports movies in your opinion. To decide this, I had everyone vote each week on a different sports category to decide the best three for each of them. After that, I put together a poll that included all of the top three movies from each poll. Now that everyone has had a week to vote, the final results are in!

If you want to look back at other articles in the series to see past results and how we got to this point, here are the links: IntroBaseball; Basketball; Boxing; Hockey; Soccer; Golf; Documentary; Football

  1. Remember the Titans

2. The Sandlot

3. The Blind Side

Remember the Titans58%
The Sandlot38%
The Blind Side35%
Happy Gilmore27%
Major League23%
Space Jam15%
Rocky IV12%
Field of Dreams8%
The Mighty Ducks8%
She’s The Man8%
Bad Boys (30 for 30)8%
D2: The Mighty Ducks4%
White Men Can’t Jump4%

Personally, I’m pretty happy with this top three. I’m not too surprised either. You have two football movies and one baseball movie. You have one from the 90s, one for the 2000s, and one from the 2010s. They are also movies that most people would say they have seen and loved because they are movies you can enjoy and feel good after watching them. That’s the goal of movies for a lot of people and these embody them well. Of course, other people may have different opinions, but this is what everyone has voted for. In that case, congrats to “Remember the Titans” for winning Best Sports Movie!

Thank you to everyone that has voted in this movie series. I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to go watch all of these great movies again!

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