Best Number Two Wide Receivers in Fantasy Football for 2019

What NFL sidekick receivers could have big fantasy seasons?

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Michael Scott has Dwight Schrute. Batman has Robin. Marvin Harrison had Reggie Wayne. It’s easy to focus on the main attraction, but that doesn’t mean the sidekick is any less important. In fantasy football, a team’s second receiver can be even more valuable than the studs. We expect a team’s first option to put up big numbers, but the second receiver’s production can make or break fantasy seasons. Here are some of the best ‘number two’ receivers that should be on your fantasy radar. 

Stefon Diggs – It’s tough to find a number two wide receiver with over 1,100 yards and nine touchdowns, but that’s exactly what Diggs did in 2018. Diggs (WR11) and teammate Adam Thielen (WR7) were one of the best duos last season, but fantasy owners are hesitating this draft season because of the change at offensive coordinator. Both receivers had a drop off in production when Kevin Stefanski took over toward the end of last season. Still, at his current Average Draft Position (ADP), Diggs is a great value and should have similar numbers from a year ago.

Robert Woods – Having two top-25 receivers is nice, but the Rams have the luxury of three. Woods, Brandin Cooks, and Cooper Kupp make up the most complete receiving core in the NFL and all three are strong options in fantasy football. Woods is the second Rams’ receiver going off the board in fantasy leagues, but perhaps he should be drafted before Cooks. Last season, there were very few players as consistent as Woods. In the 15 games that Woods started and finished, he had at least 60 receiving yards in all but one. Cooks may be a deep threat, but Woods is one of the steadiest players in the league. 

Chris Godwin – Godwin’s ADP is probably a bit of a surprise for a lot of fantasy owners, as he is being drafted as a top-25 wide receiver. Last season, Godwin hauled in 59 receptions for 842 yards and seven touchdowns. Those are pretty decent stats (finished as WR25), but they are especially impressive when taking his volume into consideration. With a surplus of wide receivers last year, he remained productive, despite playing just 64 percent of snaps (52nd in NFL). With the departures of Adam Humphries and DeSean Jackson, as well as the addition of Bruce Arians, Godwin is in line for a massive increase in volume. He will be a very strong number two option for the Buccaneers.

Sammy Watkins – One of the more controversial discussions in fantasy each year is Sammy Watkins. While he may not miss a ton of games to injury, he is tagged with an injury label nearly every week, creating even more of a headache for fantasy owners. In the eight regular season games Watkins played last season, he was the 16th best wide receiver in fantasy… with just one end zone target. Assuming that number improves, Watkins is an extremely interesting option for fantasy this season. 

Jarvis Landry – This one shouldn’t be complicated. The number of weapons the Browns have may be scary for Landry owners, but it should only make them more optimistic. In a higher volume offense, Landry will have more scoring opportunities and less attention on him lined up across from Odell Beckham Jr. Landry has had at least a 27 percent target share in each of the past four seasons. While the number of targets may go down, the quality of those targets may go up. He is going relatively late in drafts, which makes him a good value pick this season. 

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