Bengals’ Little People Fan Base Reacts to Marvin Lewis Using “Midget” to Bash Manziel

Marvin Lewis recently apologized to Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns, for calling him a “midget” on 93.7 FM yesterday. Yet he offered no apology to actual little people, many of who are die hard Bengals fans.

Per Michael David Smith of

“I understand the stares and whatnot I receive on a daily basis (from both adults and children). It happens, I’m different,” Spradlin said. “But when someone, like Marvin did today, takes a word so offensive to a group of people who just want to live a normal life as much as they can, and uses it to try to hurt someone’s feelings or deface them or whatever he wants to call it. It’s straight wrong, unmoral, and ignorant. ‘Midget’ comes from freak shows and carnivals from years ago. It’s time he understood that. I’m a fan of the Bengals, but Marvin just left the most disgusting taste in my mouth.”

-Dave Spradlin, Bengals Fan

“I am 3’5″ and have a type of dwarfism known as spondylopiphyseal dysplasia congenita,” Horndt told me via email. “In public, I get various reactions, ranging from children staring and shouting excitedly to his or her parents, ‘Look at the midget!’ or the children telling me to my face that I ‘don’t look like a real person.’”

-Christopher Horndt, Bengals Fan

So it is official, Marvin Lewis is an asshole who has never won a playoff game. Keep it up, Marvin. Those zero playoff wins make you untouchable.

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