Why Do the Basketball Gods Hate the New York Knicks?

I hate my life right now! I can’t put into words how excited I was for the chance at getting Zion Williamson. There was a buzz in New York around the Knicks that had not existed in years. The city was electric at a chance of getting what was labeled as the “Next Savior.” Williamson was the guy who was going to turn the Knicks franchise around. Williamson was the guy who was going to make the Knicks relevant again, but in the blink of an eye, the Knicks got screwed.

Maybe the basketball gods hate us because our owner is a self-absorbed jerk, or maybe it’s because David Stern rigged the 1984 NBA draft to allow the Knicks to draft Patrick Ewing. But whatever it is it is very clear that we are not in their good graces.

The Knicks just keep getting the bad end of the stick. Knicks fans get excited and then get screwed. The Knicks traded everything for Carmelo Anthony and received one playoff series win in return. The Knicks get Phil Jackson, and nothing good came out of that.

The Knicks finally get a player who is decent who people are calling a unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis, and we traded him for a bag of chips and Dennis Smith Jr.  I have nothing against Smith Jr, but we traded Porzingis for a guy we could have drafted!

What is there to do as a New York Knicks fan? We have no assets to make trades. We don’t have the 1st overall pick! I’d be less upset if the two teams in front of us had 19 or 18 wins, but both of these teams had 33 wins!

Williamson to New York was going to be great for business!

The Knicks could finally be given more prime time games, which means more money for the NBA for the Knicks! But for some reason, Adam Silver decided to give everyone a fair chance at the 1st pick. Instead of being a smart slimy businessman like Stern, Adam Silver took the high road and left money on the table.

Good job, Adam Silver.

You put the most hyped player in the last 15 years in a bullshit market with a bullshit team. The Pelicans are the least exciting thing in New Orleans. The trumpet player on Bourbon street playing Jazz with a hat in front of he/she asking for money is a better show than the Pelicans.

Williamson could have played in the biggest market in the NBA at the most historic stadium in the world Madison Square Garden. But no he now gets to spend his time at the Mr. Frosty stadium.

If anyone thinks that I am bitter, it’s because I am. I have every right to be if this was another year the Knicks would be selecting Williamson 1st overall. But because of the idea that tanking is bad, we get stuck with the 3rd overall pick.


If anyone has any ideas how the Knicks could come back from this, please,  let me know cause I think we’re more lost than Columbus, who thought he was in India when he was actually in the Caribbean!

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