Bart Starr: Gone but Never Forgotten

The Green Bay Packers has lost someone very important to their organization and team. Bart Starr will be missed.

Yesterday morning Green Bay Packers fans lost an iconic person. At age 85, Packers quarterback Bart Starr passed away. Starr suffered from a serious stroke and other health problems in 2014 and his health haven’t progressed since then. The Packers legend was an all-around football player and had a major impact on his team. He was drafted to Packers as the 200th pick in the 1956 draft. Before Starr went on to play college football and take his talents to the big league, he began getting special coaching from Vito “Babe” Parilli, who was an All-American quarterback for Kentucky in 1951.

During the 1957-1958 football season, Parilli and Starr would have the chance to play together. The next following year in 1959 Vince Lombardi became the Packers head coach and that’s when things began to change. Fans witness history being made when Starr and Lombardi teamed up as player and coach.

Starr led the Packers to six division titles, five NFL championships and won in the first two Super Bowls. Coach Lombardi let Starr take the team into his own hands during many of the games. Lombardi let Starr call plays and the team had much respect for him.

After Starr career ended, he remained as the head coach of the packers from 1975-1984.  In 1977, Starr was inducted into NFL Hall of Fame and won awards for his performance on the field such as MVP.

The family stated to ESPN, “While he may always be best known for his success as the Packers quarterback for 16 years, his true legacy will always be the respectful manner in which he treated every person he met, his humble demeanor, and his generous spirit.”.  

Bart Star will be missed by family friends but most of all, the Green Bay Packers family also.

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