Should Barry Bonds Be in the Hall of Fame? Yes, Yes He Should

Bonds, one of baseballs all-time greatest players, absolutely deserves to be in the hall of fame as he was a hall of famer long before PEDs came into the mix

The year is 2019, and Major League baseball’s all-time home run leader, Barry Bonds, is still not in the Hall of Fame.

The MLB’s all-time home run leader and seven-time MVP received 59.1 percent of the votes in this years hall of fame voting, a slight improvement on the 56.4 percent he received in 2018. For those who don’t know, it takes 75 percent of the vote to be inducted into the HOF.

Many people adamantly oppose his entry into the HOF. But I don’t understand why.

Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame whether he used performance-enhancing drugs or not. He is an exception to the way that cheating should be viewed in Major League Baseball, and here’s why.

Bonds was a hall of famer long before PEDs came into the mix. The year most people agree that Bonds presumably started using PEDs was 1998. So let’s look at his stats from 1986 to 1998.

  • 411 home runs
  • 403 doubles
  • 63 triples
  • 445 stolen bases
  • 1,364 runs scored
  • 1,216 RBI
  • 3,679 total bases
  • .966 OPS (164 OPS+)

Not to mention his .289 batting average, .408 on base percentage, three MVPs, eight gold gloves, and seven silver slugger awards.

Up until this point, Bonds was a 30 for 30 player in home runs and steals with elite fielding ability.

There’s no way anybody can try and tell me that he was on a decline up to this point. His home runs, batting average, and on-base percentage were all still at a steady pace with no signs of substantial decline. Even if Bonds had just played for five more years after 1998 without the use of PEDS, rather than nine more with PEDS, Bonds would be seen as one of the most all-around ballplayers in the history of baseball with his home run total easily hitting 500, an impressive stolen base total, and a batting average and on-base percentage that would just make the girls scream.

Do the right thing voters, and get this man into the HOF.

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