Gordon Suspension Upheld. 8x Greater Than Knocking a Woman Unconscious

So there it is.  Josh Gordon is out of football for an entire year. 14 games more than Ray Rice, the man who cold clocked a woman in an elevator with his fist.

The NFL has officially released a statement that their initial ruling is being upheld. You waited this long to uphold your initial ruling?  Fuck you, Roger. Did you really think that by waiting, NFL fans would forget about the Ray Rice decision.

Browns fans are livid but you can only imagine how the actual Browns organization feels about this.  All that time they had to hedge their bets leaving them with no viable fall back plan.  So not only do the Browns lose their best offensive player for the entire 2014 season but they also lose him for the ENTIRE 2015 training camp.

Kiss any shot of Johnny playing this year goodbye.  Why throw your future-franchise QB into the fire with no #1 receiver?  This will be the easiest team to defend in the entire NFL.  Aside from Jordan Cameron, your next best passing option is either Miles Austin or Andrew Hawkins.  You can kiss the play action good bye as well, that’s gone. Roger Goodell officially dropped the ball on this.

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