Athlete Sprains Both Ankles in the Best Ankle Breaking Way Possible

Over the weekend, USC defensive back, Josh Shaw, injured himself while at a pool party in his hometown of Palmdale.  Now, before you start throwing out the stereotype of a boneheaded college football player not using his head, keep reading.

Shaw was at a family get-together at his cousin’s apartment when  when the incident occurred.  The Trojan DB was casually hanging out the balcony of the apartment and noticed his 7-year old nephew visibly in distress by the pool.  Knowing his nephew could not swim, Shaw leaped off the second floor balcony, injuring both ankles, and crawled to the aid of the 7-year old drowning victim.  After helping his nephew, Shaw then pulled himself out of the pool using only his brute upper body strength.  The next question everyone is probably asking themselves, “Did he hurt his balls of steel?”

Bad as shit and one can only imagine what he is willing to do to prevent a Pac-10 wideout from getting across the goal line.  Good job, Josh.  Here’s to a speedy recovery from your dual high ankle sprains.

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