ASU Curtain of Distraction is College Basketball’s Best New Tradition

For years, fans have been trying their best to be a part of the game.  Never is it more prevalent than when an opposing player steps to the foul line.

From those long balloons banging together to those spiral signs creating an optical illusion, students across the nation have been creative in their attempts to distract during free throws.

However, the innovators at Arizona State University have taken it to a hilariously new level with the Curtain of Distraction.

Since 2013, ASU’s 942 Crew has been entertainingly distracting opponents at the charity stripe by pulling back the curtain to reveal inane acts.  Horse heads and shirtless fat guys to…well, you get the idea.

It’s worked too.  Prior to the unveiling, Sun Devil’s opponents shot about 70% from the stripe.  Since the curtain, it’s down to 60%.  Not only does it give an extra dose of home court advantage, it’s funny as hell.

Just look at the amusement on this ref’s face at the start of this video.

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