Are the Browns Actually in the Jordan Cameron Race?

Cleveland Browns TE Jordan Cameron is about to be a free man (officially Tuesday at 4pm).

Combine the thin free agency TE market with a weak 2015 TE draft class (not talking about you, Maxx Williams) and things look pretty dismal for the Browns front office.

The former 4th round pick is getting plenty of attention…including a couple legitimate Superbowl contenders. Per Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports:

I went to get my haircut at Great Clips in Westlake, OH back in 2012. Jordan Cameron was sitting right next to me getting his hair did. The “stylist” asked him where he lived. He replied,

“LA…I’m just here because I play for the Browns”.

Didn’t sound like a guy thrilled to be here.

Would he prefer that dismal franchise in Oakland? Hey now…look who’s talking.

Here’s our probabilities on where Jordan Cameron will end up:

Broncos 40%

If Julius Thomas leaves, look for Denver to go hard at Cameron in Peyton Manning’s final year.

Seahawks: 30%

Playing in Cleveland only increases one’s desire to win. If the money matches OAK and CLE, it’s game over.

Raiders: 15%

Close to home, money to blow.

Browns: 15%

Usually the comfort of returning to your team’s scheme and OC can sway the decision a bit more. Not so much in Cleveland’s new offense. We say it’s a long shot.

Jim Dray…you’re about to be the man.

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