Antonio Cromartie Pays an Insane Amount of Child Support

Back in 2010, the Jets advanced their starting DB 500k to help meet his child support obligations. While at the time no one could believe that one guy could be on the hook for so much money, we now have a clearer picture on why he needed half a million bucks.


“Besides the two children he already has with Terricka, Cromartie, 31, has eight kids with seven other women across the country. He pays each about $3,500 a month in child support — an estimated $336,000 a year.”

Don’t break up with your wife, Antonio. With 2 more kids on the way after a botched vasectomy, you’d be adding on another 14k/month, bringing the grand total to over a half of a million dollars.

Antonio Cromartie…the modern day Shawn Kemp.


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