Andy Dalton May Have Finally Killed Pro Bowl

While Bengals fans are used to Andy Dalton ending their seasons, he may have unwittingly caused the demise of the NFL’s biggest exercise in futility: the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl has been miring in its own inefficacy for many, many years.  To the surprise of no one, not even eschewing the traditional AFC verse NFC format for a fantasy type draft of teams could make anyone care about it.  You probably didn’t even know they did it that way.  They do.  In fact, they began drafting last night.

No one cared.

Originally, six quarterbacks were selected to the Pro Bowl.  Andrew Luck and Tony Romo will still participate in the meaningless exhibition.  Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Aaron Rodgers politely declined due to injury.  With Tom Brady playing in the Super Bowl, he’ll have bigger fish to fry than pretend to give a shit about the Pro Bowl.

The first alternate, Drew Brees, will be playing.  Second sub, Philip Rivers, is on the mend and won’t bother getting involved.  Russell Wilson, the third alternate, is also playing in the Super Bowl so he’s got his excuse.  Fourth alternate, Matthew Stafford, accepted his invite and will play in the game.  The fifth runner up, Matt Ryan, is going to play too.  Fortunately for Andy Dalton, the twelfth choice to quarterback in then Pro Bowl, Joe Flacco, would rather spend time with his expecting wife, so that opened up a spot for the Bengal signal caller.

That’s right.  Andy Dalton is the thirteenth choice to play quarterback in the Pro Bowl.  Thirteenth!

Finally, definitive proof the NFL needs to end this abomination and just let it go.  Let it go!  Let it goooooooooo!



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