Andre Iguodala Worried Basketball Will Turn His Daughter Gay

Golden State Warrior and reigning NBA Final’s MVP Andre Iguodala’s ex-girlfriend claims that he doesn’t want his daughter playing basketball out of fears it will make her a lesbian.

The outrageous claim made by Clayanna Warthen surfaced in a custody hearing between her and Iguodala, according to TMZ.

The hearing, described as “bitter,” also included allegations the sixth-man spent only nine hours with his daughter last year, and didn’t call on Christmas.

Warthen is seeking $58,000 a month in child support, a drastic increase from the $16K she is currently receiving.  According to Warthen, the six-year-old has an IQ of 151 and is already reading the Harry Potter books, which everyone knows is indicative of supreme genius.  Certainly, no self-respecting gold digger can raise an extremely intelligent child on $192K a year.

Vicious allegations during heated custody battles should always be taken with a grain of salt.  But, to be fair to Andre, I played basketball from a young age, and I am attracted to women, so perhaps he’s on to something here…

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