Adios, Carlos!

BREAKING NEWS – Carlos Boozer officially amnestied. This should’ve been a headline a year ago since every Bulls fan knew this was going to happen.

While most fans will be happy to see Booze go, I’m sad because it brings to an end an era of what could’ve been. No Bulls fan was ever truly happen with his signing back in 2010… after all, it was the equivalent of taking home the third prettiest girl at the beauty pageant. The ESPN “experts” had pretty much “confirmed with their sources” that summer that King James was headed to the Windy City and if not him, Dwayne Wade. That never happened.

Boozer brought a nice energy to the team, but if you can’t play defense, you can’t play for Thibs. It sucked that in the fourth quarter of every big game our biggest scoring threat had to ride the bench.


Things could have worked out so differently for Boozer and the Bulls. There isn’t a doubt in my mind had Derrick Rose stayed healthy and with a defense featuring Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Luol Deng we could’ve shut down the Heat and been a threat to win two championships. Boozer was never supposed to play the role he ended up playing for the Bulls and at the end of the day, that’s why we chose Pau instead.

Is Pau a huge upgrade over Boozer? No, not really. But he is at least serviceable on defense and most importantly, he’ll be able to help bring up his fellow Spaniard, Nikola Mirotic, who I think will be better than advertised.

Don't sleep on Nikola Mirotic as a player in potential Love discussions.

The end of the Boozer era is officially here, but the Bulls have a deep roster and with a healthy Rose they’ll be the best REGULAR season team in the Eastern Conference.

We still need that other scorer though  if we want to play into June…

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