Aaron Hernandez Shot Friend In Face Over Bar Tab

Aaron Hernandez being sworn in

Five months before Aaron Hernandez allegedly murdered Odin Lloyd, his temper caused him to shoot another friend.  Hernandez’s alleged shooting of his buddy Alexander Bradley was previously inadmissible in his murder trial, but when the defense argued the former Patriot’s TE would not have shot Lloyd due to their friendship, details about the prior shooting came to light.

After a night of clubbing, Hernandez wanted to split the bill with Bradley, which spurred an argument between the two.  On the drive home, Bradley realized he left his cell phone back at the club and asked Hernandez to turn back for it.  When her refused, Bradley had some choice words for him and they apparently really pissed Hernandez off.

Shortly after, Hernandez pulled over and shot Bradley between the eyes.  Hernandez proceeded to dump Bradley out of the car before fleeing the scene.

Bradley survived, but lost his right eye. He refused to cooperate with police and tell them who shot him, but subsequently filed a lawsuit after the Lloyd murder trial began.

It appears that partying with Aaron Hernandez is a good way to get a bullet to the head.



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