A Penn State Player Received a Letter that he Shouldn’t have Dreads or Tattoos….in 2019

PSU player gets wild letter

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It sucks that stories like this still exist in 2019. You‘d like to think that a world where I can order any food I want, from anywhere to be delivered to me is the same world that still has people that wrote this letter. Sadly, we do live in that world.

This is who the letter was addressed too. His name is Jonathan Sutherland and he’s a safety for the Nittany Lions.

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First off, I love how the author of this letter has to let Jonathan know that even in his 50s that he still would get out there and play some pickup ball. As the saying goes, when you want to reach the younger generation and cut them down for physical appearance without ever speaking with them, you need to try and get on their level by letting them know that if you were just a bit bigger than you could have played college ball.

Secondly, letting the young person know while you’re pretty much being a racist complete piece of human garbage to them by explaining that you pine for a bygone era where men and women where clean-cut and never and I mean never once did anything out of line, you know except for all the times where they did, is the proper way to reach out to a complete stranger.

Finally, the last thing you need to do to make a younger person truly understand that you don’t like their freedom to choose how to look is to ask them if their girlfriend or parents approve of your decision. Because there’s simply no way, in the parlance of our times, that anyone with a brain would approve of a person with long hair or tattoos.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that the couple that wrote this letter look exactly like this.

Also, I’m fairly certain that this couple has this type of mentality.

I know many of us know of someone that every once in and a while throw something out there that makes you do a double-take because you can’t believe that anyone in 2019 could still think like this. But to actually take time out of your day and write a letter believing that it would ever do anything that you want it to do and then mailing that letter is amazing to me.

As a former PSU alumni, it sucks that another PSU alumni would think it was anywhere near alright to go ahead and write this to a current student-athlete or anyone for that matter. Perhaps, the folks who wrote this would like to check out the PSU values that are available on their website. I’m sure when they read that they will see that they aren’t exactly following the values that PSU has set forth and will surely change their ideology. That’s always how these things work out.

Hopefully, and I imagine he will, Jonathan Sutherland will rise above this letter and continue to go out and be who he wants to be as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. Sutherland is smart enough to know that this loser of a couple doesn’t speak for the majority of people out there. I hope he lets his dreads get longer to the point that he has to wrap them around himself like a scarf. As a guy who doesn’t have the ability to grow hair on his head, I applaud anyone who goes the route that Sutherland.

Also, I hope these PSU alumni, that I’m sure they are, get outted for this and get labeled whatever anyone wants to label them because no matter what they do get labeled, they won’t be wrong. I hope they get whatever they can get revoked gets revoked and that Penn State tells them to kick rocks just like they would get told if they were living in their precious past if they were out of line.

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