A Look at NFL Opening Odds As NFL Teams Begin Preparation for the 2020 Season

In what looked like a bleak outlook for an actual NFL season 2 months ago, it now appears we will have football in some capacity as we head into September. Just today Texas announced that it will allow 25% of fans to attend outdoor sporting events. And let’s face it…outside of the NFL being an absolute powerhouse that won’t be stopped by any pandemic, we need this. We need a distraction from Corona, a distraction from negativity and a distraction from quarantined life. NFL football is almost here!!

So what should we expect from our favorite teams this season? First off, go ahead and sleep on the Texans, because everyone else is. This is what happens when you don’t hire a GM, Houston. Opening day we have Deshaun Watson and his weaponless offense going against the greatest arm in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. Vegas is predicting a 10.5 gap between these two teams. Not really a surprise when you trade DeAndre Hopkins for a bag of peanuts.

In one of the most hyped up matchups between two struggling teams, we finally get to see the Raiders in Las Vegas taking on Matt Rhule and the resurgence of his QB protege Teddy Bridgewater. Will it be a good one? Probably not, but it will be close, as this one is nearly a pick’em game at +1.

Which matchup are you most looking forward to? Over here at BIGPLAY, we have circled Browns Ravens, with Lamar Jackson and co. an 8 pt favorite. The Browns whooped Baltimore last year in their first head to head matchup, and that was with Freddie Kitchens. Who knows what the Browns will be this year, but we have to be thinking Lamar Jackson’s fingers are crossed that Jadeveon Clowney continues to avoid The Land.

Leave a comment with the matchup you have circled in September. NFL is almost here!!!

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