76ers Avoid Worst Start in NBA History in Kobe’s Final Homecoming

A couple of the most poorly performing teams in professional sports competed tonight in Philadelphia. Although that would make for an incredible headline, the fact that the Sixers had yet to win and Kobe Bryant’s last time balling in his hometown absolutely trump that story.

Philly gave a warm welcome to the Mamba. A sweet pregame hype video transitioned the arena from warm-ups to tip-off.

Kobe came out firing. Knocking down a couple 3’s, it looked as though fans would be in for a hell of a finale. After putting up 13 points in the 1st quarter, KB cooled down. Returning to the form of his battered age. Finishing the game with 20 pts as he shot his usual 7-26 from the field…

Flirting with the worst start in NBA history, the Sixers managed to pull of their first W.

But rather than embrace the feeling of their only win, the humble fans in Philly ended the game with a historic “Kobe! Kobe!” ovation…



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