5 Top WWE Stars Who Will Continue To Fall Down The Card

Credit: WWE.comCredit: WWE.com Between Raw and SmackDown, WWE’s main roster consists of 73 male superstars and 25 female superstars, which doesn’t even take into account the Cruiserweight division or currently inactive part-time performers like Kurt Angle, Triple H and The Undertaker. The sheer size and depth of WWE’s loaded roster can make it extremely difficult for some midcard and lower level superstars to even get on TV at all and for midcard feuds to get adequate TV time, which could explain the drawn out nature of the Sasha Banks vs. Bayley feud or the limited exposure for Andrade “Cien” Almas, among others. But while non-main event talent often are bitten the worst by TV time constraints, even upper midcard and main event talents can be affected by it, and that’s certainly happening right now. Many stars who have been NXT headliners, main roster main eventers or even world champions are finding it hard to be pushed at a time when Raw and SmackDown are loaded with more talent than ever, which has resulted in WWE focusing on a handful of superstars on each show and forcing others down the card as a result. Of course, the pushes of certain superstars often fluctuate based on crowd reaction, TV ratings and which superstars WWE brass wants to push, but right now, these five former main eventers are struggling to stay at the top of the card and suddenly find themselves falling down it. It’s unclear if WWE is going with a slow burn-type build to Daniel Bryan’s rise back to the main event or if it’s not pushing him because of his uncertain future with the company. 5 Top WWE Stars Who Will Continue To Fall Down The Card

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