Browns Players Hint at Potential Blockbuster Move on Twitter

A trio of Cleveland Browns players got the NFL Twitter world buzzing late Tuesday evening

You can tell it’s the offseason around the NFL.

As everyone is salivating for that next piece of information that could make or break their team’s offseason, a trio of Cleveland Browns players got the NFL Twitter world buzzing late Tuesday evening. A round of highly cryptic tweets was frantically liked and retweeted, alluding that something big was on the horizon in Cleveland. Just before 6 p.m. ET Tuesday evening Jarvis Landry sent the first shot across the bow of every Browns fan’s twitter with a tweet that clearly addressed someone joining him in Cleveland.

Naturally, the speculation began regarding Landry’s former LSU teammate Odell Beckham Jr. who is currently a member of the New York Giants. Initial reactions were a bit guarded, as Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman said that Beckham was not signed to a long term (and expensive) contract just to be traded. However, as the next 10 minutes would unfold, it became clear something was up.

Landry’s tweet was followed up by tweets from teammates David Njoku and Damarious Randall eight and 10 minutes later respectively. Njoku seemed thrilled about something, and Randall hailed General Manager John Dorsey for being a genius. Three things this close in relation couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

Here is where things get really crazy.

By 9:30 things seemingly had died down. No news had broken in the last three hours, and nobody else had tweeted a thing. Browns fans were still making wild speculations all over social media and people were left going to bed with their questions and dreams unanswered. That would quickly change as they had their attention snatched away by a tweet that would certainly kick the beehive once more on the night.

Could it be? Was this happening?

As of this Wednesday afternoon, no. Is anything possible? Sure. But BIGPLAY’s own Sam Maddy gave us a hint that something is on the horizon.

It would be naive of Browns fans to get hooked by social media posts by players. We’ve seen it time and time again in the NBA with players seemingly spilling dirt on Twitter for it really to end up being nothing more than a troll or misunderstanding. That coupled with Gettleman’s answer to the trade question last week leaves us with little hope that a deal is imminent, but John Dorsey has yet to give us any reason to believe that anything is out of the question. Could he work his magic and prepare an offer that would make New York listen? Cleveland definitely has the trade capital to do so.

If a deal were to happen, you can put “The Trade” right up there with “The Block” from the 2016 NBA Finals. Both will have acted as catalysts to professional sports championships in the city of Cleveland.

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