Garth Brooks Joins the Pirates for a Great Cause

Famous country singing legend Garth Brooks joins the Pittsburgh Pirates for a great cause.

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Just like most baseball fanatics, you grow up to learn to love the sport. You grow up begging your parents for a new slick pack of baseball cards just to open it up and add to your collection. And for one famous country singer, collecting baseball cards was a hobby.

American singer and songwriter Garth Brooks is an Oklahoma native, but Pittsburgh sports was his passion. Something about the city filled with black and gold drew him and kept him rooting for all things Pittsburgh. And just in time for Roberto Clemente’s last decade of playing, Brooks looked up to him the most.

“Pittsburgh was my thing, I don’t know why,” Brooks said. “Just loved them from the beginning, and probably because of Roberto. And from there, Pittsburgh’s the only city with all black and gold everything.”

Brooks is spending time with the Pirates for a few weeks to promote his other passion, his charity. It’s the 20th anniversary of “Teammates for Kids” which will allow more than 4,000 professional athletes to ‘perform to donate.’ There are incentives for performance, $100 for a home run and $50 per pass reception. The organization will also be able to find sponsors to triple the amount of money earned.

“Then 100 percent of all that money goes to kids, no overhead whatsoever,” Brooks said. “Just proud of that, and that’s how it’s always going to be. We reached the endowment in 20 years, so now this thing should live forever if we manage the kids’ money right.”

Brooks interim locker is right between Jameson Taillon and Mitch Keller. Brooks has participated in drills during the opening of camp. Being a former high school baseball player, Brooks is loving every second of being about of the Pirates’ camp.

“The reason you play music is because you never grew out of loving it,” he said. “And I think baseball, I don’t think you can play it if you’re not a kid, you know what I mean?”


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